What’s Your Next Step to Personal Growth?

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Join my 50 Book Challenge as we dive into 50 books spanning four essential categories to develop skill and increase our capacity to live well.

Ingredients for personal growth

The journey is made meaningful by the leaps and bounds (and baby steps) by which we grow each and every single day. That is the reward.


It takes courage to look inside and come to terms with your “why”. This is the starting point.

Emotional Honesty

It serves your future to prize honesty above being right and avoiding consequences.


It’s okay to not be perfect. In fact, it’s preferred. People trust humble people.


Ideas are great, but show up to do the work today, tomorrow, and the next day. Discipline is key!


You need a vision of what lies ahead, or what you want to lie ahead in order to aim for it.


Once you decide on a path, what will you take with you? What tools will you need to acquire?

Be the change you need

Talk is cheap. Consistent action over long periods of time is legit. You’re here to grow!

Change the Way You Think

  • Read quality books to learn from experts.
  • Challenge old assumptions with new possibilities.
  • Be willing to be wrong. Prize what is true above what makes you look or feel good.

Change the Way You Speak

  • Declare facts that are true.
  • Speak with gratitude.
  • Always choose accurate, temporary declarations.

“My thoughts led me to where I am today. To get to where I want to go, I’ll need better thoughts.

Daniel Dessinger


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