50 Book Project FAQ

I’ve begun my 50 book project, and I’m glad you’re jumping in with me. You might have a few questions so I’ve posted an FAQ below to help you sort through the basics.

How much time should I spend on each book?

I’m giving myself two weeks max to read each book, regardless of medium (paperback, kindle, audiobook). That gives you time to catch up if you’re joining in the middle of a book we’re on, and gives us all a time frame to stick to.

Are you reading or listening to the books on your list?

I’m doing a hodgepodge of both, actually. I’ll be alternating between audio and Kindle most of the time, with a sprinkling of paperbacks as well.

I think I do my best focusing with analog print on paper, but the convenience of carrying every book in a Kindle plus a built-in light is compelling. Plus, there are times when I know I’ll be driving a lot or the content of the book will be a bit more challenging to follow – that’s when I’ll dial up the audiobook.

You can choose any method you prefer. I want to encourage you to make the details as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Don’t overthink. Just do.

Where’s your list of 50 books you plan to read?

How do I find your first post about a book quick and easy?

If you’d like to read what I’m reading right now, check out the bottom of my home page to see the most recent book covered. I’ll add a note at the end of each post which book we’re starting next.

It really doesn’t matter when you start. Once I’ve begun reading and journaling my thoughts here about the book, I’ll link the book title on the 50 book list page to the first post so you can find it easy peasy.

How did you choose which books made the cut for the 50 Book Challenge?

It was VERY scientific. 🙂 I followed Patrick’s advice and chose 4 topics (money, business, sales, and human behavior) and I searched those topics on Amazon. I sorted results by 4+ star reviews and I added the first ones that had 400 reviews or more.

There are certainly more books worthy of the list that aren’t added. And I will 100% add to this list if I complete the project early.

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  1. There’s a lot of business books on your list. Any chance you’d consider swapping a few out for more on human nature?

    I’ll probably do that regardless.

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