After recognizing that my approach to life wasn’t drawing me closer to my goals, I committed to complete the 50 Book Challenge as the first step in taking back my future. You can read more info about that here.

I’m inviting you to read the same quality books as you determine a path forward and develop new life skills.

Within our community, you’ll find the encouragement you need to achieve new levels you never thought possible.

If words carry the energy of intent, then reading imparts the energy and intent to the reader.

You are going to devote your spare moments to something, whether it’s gaming or news or sports or Netflix. By carving out just a few minutes a day to read meaningful words, you shape the thoughts you think, which shape your beliefs, which shape your actions.

Today you read 15 pages that changed the way you see yourself and your capabilities. You learned a new approach that you could experiment with that could impact your ability to drive sales, manage projects, or handle money. As a result, your confidence rises because you know you are becoming a more useful human each and every day, and it feels amazing.

Today you used your spare minutes to check sports news, fire off a few random tweets, and play your favorite iPhone game. Today is looking like an exact copy of yesterday and the day before. Not much chance that tomorrow will be much different either. You haven’t really grown as a person, but hey… at least you are comfortable and entertained.

Guiding your personal growth through daily achievable goals

Experience the satisfaction of achieving small wins day after day, and slow crafting them into a life you would have chosen.

The tools are in your hands. The words are waiting to inspire you. Join me as I read 50 books to shape and improve my mindset with intentionality.

Meet Daniel

I’m Daniel. As a lifelong lover of journaling and introspection, I bring a unique perspective to the art of personal growth and development. I see our greatest obstacles are the lies and incomplete truths we allow ourselves to believe. Join me on this journey of self-discovery!

Daniel Dessinger


Benefits of Subscribing to the 50 Book Club

  • Finally get the ball rolling and build momentum.
  • A personal growth track to follow with other likeminded peeps.
  • Weekly prompts to journal and share with the community