about Me

I’m a husband and father living in the Florida panhandle, ten minutes from the beach. I homeschool my kids, work with my wife on our internet business, and follow a list of daily self-care rituals to improve my state of mind, my health, and my capacity to do challenging things.

The History Behind the Name

After years of chronic health problems and career stagnation, I stared into the bathroom mirror and uttered a wishful prayer: “May I become a useful human!”

Our Impact Is Defined By Our Ability To develop skills that Foster Growth & Transformation for the people we help.

Everything starts with self, then family, then neighborhood, then community. Part of pursuing a purpose and making an impact is acknowledging the limitations of self, and committing to act for the sake of those physically present in our lives each day. Change comes in small, practical, daily steps forward.

Meet the founder

🎯 Helping people ask better questions ❤️ Promoting self-awareness journaling 🏁 I’d love to help you solve a problem

Daniel Dessinger
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