Are You Happy Being You?

Have you ever felt misunderstood by everyone around you? And have you ever felt trapped playing a role that wasn’t really you?

I know I have.

I saw a Facebook Live video of two friends recently, and what struck me was how Friend A deferred to allow Friend B to talk most of the time. And I wondered whether that bothered Friend A while she was doing it or if she just followed her heart.

And it reminds me of all the ways in which we make choices that either reflect or deflect our truest selves.

It’s one thing to have a perception of who you are. It’s another thing to be your own perception. For the longest time, I saw myself as the epic hero in a story that required my courageous action to save the day.

But then, I never ACTED heroic. I never practiced heroism. I had no obvious qualities that anyone would consider possible hints at a future hero reveal. And yet I was the hero in my own mind.

I was also a rockstar, a famous author, a world renown minister, and a top blogger. And for some reason, I was confused when people failed to recognize my greatness. Daydream much?

Which brings me to my point:

It’s one thing to believe you’re the most interesting man in the world. But if you allow someone else to always have the spotlight and the first word, then you are most certainly never going to be widely considered the most interesting anything. If you allow others to take the spotlight, it’s time to acknowledge that you are the person who doesn’t get the spotlight.

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