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The simplest and truest answer is that I was inspired by an Instagram Reel by Patrick Bet David. He challenged his audience to find every 4+ star book with 400+ reviews on Amazon in the categories of Money, Negotiation, Human Nature, and Sales over a period of two years to radically transform your self and your business. So here we are.

The plan is simple so it’s easier to complete. Estimate 2 weeks per book, on average. The easiest way to keep pace with me and the rest of us is to subscribe to newsletter. That way I can send you a reminder of which book we’re on and links to discussions each week.

The goal is to make advancements in business by significantly expanding thought processes, mindsets, and expectations. This is a self-development project to achieve new heights with clearer vision.

The cool thing is that when you subscribe you’ll be prompted via email from book 1 to book 50.

Absolutely! You’ll find there are some topics covered before we began the 50 book challenge, and there will be topics sprinkled in throughout the challenge that have origins elsewhere. I hope you’ll find something worth engaging with here.

The topic would have to align with the vision and goals I have for this site, but I would absolutely cover a topic that does.

If it’s related to the portion of the book I’ve responded to, the best place to ask or discuss is in the comment section of that post.

If it’s related to the field of focus for this website, you can drop me a note using the Contact Form.

If you represent an ad or service, just know that 99.9% of all pitches are ignored.

Not a darn thing, at the moment. Might I someday? It’s possible. But the future will be decided by the culmination of a thousand encounters like this one we’re having right now.

Never. If you leave a comment, I’ll have your email address. But I won’t even use it unless you subscribe to the newsletter.

And if you share your contact info with me, it stays with me and only me.

My values and rules of engagement here are the same as they are for the sports group I host on Facebook:

Keep the language PG-13. Personal insults will not be tolerated. Debate is encouraged. But we are here to pursue truth and skills, not points or wins. The goal is to pursue truth while showing our fellow humans honor and respect.

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