How to Be Fascinating By Fascinating Yourself

It’s intimidating to set a goal like writing a book when you know in your heart no one will read it. It’s difficult to put in the hours of practice required to become a decent podcaster when you have nothing important to say. You might as well stick to daydreams and fantasy.

The intense desire to be Fascinating has to start somewhere. It has an origin. Maybe your parents never listened to you. Maybe your friends always interrupted your stories with stories of their own. Maybe your spouse thinks you overshare when you have, in fact, definitely undershared.

Whatever the origin, you want to be Fascinating for a reason. You want people to care for a reason. It’s not just to be a Kardashian. There’s some angle or purpose driving you.

It’s just that… I’m not sure the backstory matters.

Maybe you just haven’t come to terms with the fact that you fascinate yourself, and you want to share that sense of wonderment with others.

Maybe it’s not about the story. Maybe it’s about the perspective. If you have a unique perspective, you have something to share. That’s all there is to it. If you find your thoughts Fascinating, chances are someone else will too.

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