The Master List of Things I Want To Learn More About

There is no end to the topics that I would like to understand better, especially as they relate to my own personal growth and health and development as well as my family’s. Here’s a list of the topics that interest me. I’ll return to update as often as new topics occur to me.

Spiritual Humanity

  • The Garden of Eden
  • Man’s Purpose as Tied to the Garden and the Kingdom
  • The Function of Permaculture and Restorative Agriculture in Kingdom Life
  • Activating the Human Spirit
  • Healing the Human Spirit
  • Walking in Wholeness as a Believer
  • Ushering in the Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven
  • Understanding How to Speak Differently to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • The role of Angels in our Lives
  • To What Degree We Have Permission and Authority to Engage with Angels and Spiritual Beings

Physical Health

  • How to Conquer Lyme Disease
  • How to Reverse Autism and Down’s Syndrome
  • How to Reverse Homozygous Genetic Mutations
  • How to Optimize Brain Function – Nootropics, Supplements, Meditation, Etc
  • How to Repel the Harm Caused by Wifi, Bluetooth, and LTE Signals
  • How to Reverse Food Sensitivities and Allergies

Natural Phenomena

  • Schumann Waves
  • How to Heal Drought-Ridden Lands
  • How to Prevent Creeks and Rivers from Draining into Subterranean Caverns
  • How to Thoroughly Purify Water without Chemical-Based Technology
  • How to Reverse the Plague of Ticks and Lyme Disease in America
  • How to Design a Perennial Food Forest
  • How to Recognize All the Types of Trees
  • How to Recognize All the Plants on Our Land
  • Sound Frequencies And Their Actual Effects on Us And All Creation
  • Time and Space and What Is Actually Possible For Us to Do With Both

Mental State / Well-Being

  • How to Overcome Lethargy
  • How to Overcome Fear of Failure
  • How to Get Unstuck
  • How to Achieve Mental Clarity and Focus
  • How to Utilize a Greater Percentage of the Brain
  • Unlocking what the Brain Was Created to Do

How Did You Pick These Topics?

These are just the issues that matter most to me because they directly affect my life or the lives of the people I love deeply. I am not built for allowing a lifespan to pass by without making some significant progress for posterity. We MUST move the ball forward.

I believe that Jesus WILL return to this earth. But I don’t think it’s all on Him as to when that happens. Sure, He already knows when it will happen, but His knowing isn’t so much about His planning as it is His timeless awareness of every decision we will make and every action we will choose. I believe He awaits a pure and spotless Bride, and I believe that means He is waiting for US to put the work in that is required to become masters in the things of the Kingdom and to master our role as stewards on the earth. He is coming back for a fit and healthy Bride.

Does that sound like who we are currently? If not, then I suggest we have quite a lot of work left to do.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Following the Arthur Burk tradition, I leave this open because I want you all to have a voice, and I want you to share your voice with me. I will not solve most of these questions on my own. Hopefully you will contribute to my understanding as I contribute to yours. Hopefully we will build a repository of useful humanness to which the entire earth can benefit. Together we will present ourselves a living sacrifice, pure and holy and worthy to be wed to the King above all kings.

And as always, if you have a suggestion for a pursuit of study, please list it in the comments below. Together we are going to prepare the next generation for a more victorious life than we ever knew.

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