Real Talk Missing from the Church

There’s so much real talk missing in the church. I think that’s because there are vacant societal roles we haven’t popularized yet.

We have preachers and teachers who talk doctrine and scripture and faith, and we have business people who talk strategies and innovations and principles.

But we’re missing the bridge between the two worlds, where we acknowledge that the complete answer is not JUST believing but taking action while believing and having an open forum to discuss how one “does life” while believing.

What does it look like to be full of faith and yet uncertain of the perfect decision? How does a person balance the tension between fiscal responsibility and spiritual calling? How does one live in the tension between serving a God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, while barely paying the bills and not having five of those cattle? What does it look like when you’re trying to live out a friendship and business relationship within your community? Where is the line between faith and honesty, in which admitting doubts and depression aren’t silently frowned upon as “negative confessions”?

We have a group that is wise as serpents. We have another group that is harmless as doves.  I think we still need a group that can be both, and not just in their own estimation.

There’s a whole universe of content to unravel, to contemplate, and to discuss.

We need people who are synthesizers. Who are bridges between worlds and world views. People who speak two different languages and understand both. People who can hear different points of view and honor each side.

I’m gonna keep poking myself and the bear.

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