Do you want to take your skills to a new level? Maybe even identify new skills you don’t even have yet and expand your possibilities?

My name is Daniel, and I’m not satisfied with who I am or what I have achieved. Are you? This isn’t about obsession or “Mamba Mentality”. This is about knowing you’re doing what you should to foster the talents and to steward the gifts you were born with.

No matter your age or career or relationship status, if you want better results, you have to start somewhere. I’M GOING FOR IT, AND YOU CAN COME WITH ME.

I’m reading 50 books over the next two years to level up my mindset, my worldview, my self-perception, and my expectation of what is possible. Down below this paragraph, I’m going to share with you the video that inspired me to launch this website and pursue a specific goal.

Step #1: Watch the video below

Then scroll down and we’ll get started.

Step #2: Copy My Book List

After watching this video clip five or ten times, I immediately opened the Amazon app on my iPhone and searched for top ranking books on Money, Negotiation, Human Nature, and Sales with a 4+ Star Rating.

There are tons of books that qualify. I picked 50. Here’s my list. If you’re eager to get started, just copy my list into your Notes app, To Do List, or Journal.

50 Books I’m Reading In the Next Two Years

Your target growth can be anything. I chose to stick with Patrick’s recommended categories because Sales, Negotiation, and Money are underdeveloped areas in my life.

Don’t take too much time picking a niche. Overthinking leads to analysis paralysis. If you aren’t sure what to pick and you know that you’ve been stagnating for years without much improvement or breakthrough, stick with me and let’s read the same books together.

Step #3: Subscribe And Read with Me

Fill out this form and subscribe to get weekly email updates. These are journal entries where I’ll be thinking critically about what I’m reading and responding in journal format right here so you can track with me. You’ll be able to drop your own thoughts in the comments and we can discuss.

Step #4: Reply to My Email With One Sentence About the Skill You Want to Develop

I’m going to check in on you from time to time and ask what you’re learning. I’m serious. I want you to succeed just like I want myself to succeed. We’re stronger together, so I’m going to keep in touch (and I would love for you to reach out via email any time as well).

Step #5: Check Out My First Post and Read the Book with Me

Click here to check in and read the first post. I’ll add a link at the top to order the book on Amazon so you don’t have to hunt it down.

Are you ready? I’m chomping at the bit. Let’s get started.