Whining Is A Choice

Just like every other word you speak, whining is a choice. You select the words that come out of your mouth and you give it texture with sound, tone, and physical expression. 

If you choose to whine about your difficulties, that’s your decision. But own it as your decision. It’s not an accident that happens to you.

Our reactions don’t happen TO us. The come out FROM us. 

So are you saying I should bottle up my feelings so I don’t whine? 

No, not at all. You need to feel your feelings and acknowledge they’re real. Process through them from start to finish. But processing through emotions doesn’t require you to whine and complain. Those are choices we make subconsciously. 

Once we become aware of a behavior that is a choice, we become responsible to make conscious decisions about that behavior going forward. 

There are healthier ways to process emotion, and there are toxic ways to process emotion. Choose wisely.

Daniel Dessinger

Writing about self-awareness & personal growth. I ❤️ journals. Offer video website audits to improve UX & SEO. I'd love to help you solve a problem.

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