Will the Relentless Pursuit of Success Make Me Happy?

When we moved from the suburbs to the hill country of Tennessee, my views on life, fulfillment, and purpose made a 180 degree shift.

Back in Texas, the dream in my heart was to write and publish a successful book. Okay, that’s not entirely honest. The dream was to have already written and published a successful book and to be living the life of a respected and admired author. The accomplishment wasn’t my goal. Having people admire me was my goal.

That simple realization took me years to admit.

So when I took up residence on a 40 acre homestead in a Tennessee hollow surrounded by steep hills, forest, and wild animals, my expectations took a major detour.

No one gets famous working quietly with their no-till garden and dairy goats. My vision of the future morphed into something entirely different. No longer would I have to earn the adoration of thousands of people to feel Whole. Suddenly i knew that if I could only work the soul and learn all there is to learn about wild plants, insects, and permaculture I would find contentment living the rest of my life in complete obscurity.

That shocked me.

It wasn’t a perfect transition. The quiet of the breeze and the lack of nerve jarring stimuli left a buzzing sound in my head where the noise of ambition used to throb.

I had to ask myself over and over again whether this life of hiddenness in the hills could suffice. Would the calm, quiet life expose me or soothe me?

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness.

-Handwritten note from Einstein, left in lieu of a tip

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